Blogs and Bioinformatics Tools

Blogs and popular Science

Small things considered by Elio Schaechter and Roberto Kolter

Blog about the cool things Microbes do


Virology blog by Vincent Racaniello

Blog about viruses and disease


Scientias in Dutch

CRISPR tools

CRISPR-Cas finder ++

Tool to find CRISPR arrays and Cas genes



Tool to find CRISPR arrays and select spacers



Database of CRISPR arrays



Tool to predict targets of CRISPR spacers



Tool to predict CRISPR arrays and Cas gene systems



Tool to analyze CRISPR repeat structure



Interactive CRISPR suite


Chop Chop

Tool for Cas9 and Cpf1 target selection


Genome editing tools (Cas9 / Cas12a)

Various links to genome editing tools

Other tools

Crystal structure of Cas9 bound to guide RNA and single stranded target DNA