Welcome to the Brouns lab

Microbe - Bacteriophage interactions

An adaptive immune system called CRISPR is an advanced weapon that microbes deploy in the war with viruses. This ingenious immune system has a memory and works by encoding small RNA molecules that target the destruction of virus DNA. Nowadays, CRISPR is well known for its revolutionary applications in genome editing with the enzyme Cas9.

Bacteriophages are the most abundant 'life' forms on earth


October 2016

Lunchlecture for Nanobiology students. Quite a good turnup.

September 2016

After a summer of ordering equipment the lab in Delft is now operational! Seb, Becca, Marre and Fiona are the first users.

August 2016

Tim publishes a paper in Molecular Cell. Great stuff!

The paper describes that CRISPR systems cleverly couple target interference to CRISPR memory update. The Cas3 nuclease fragments invader DNA into pieces of near-spacer length enriched for PAM sequences on 30 ends to form spacer precursors.

August 2016

A very cool animation on the impact and future of CRISPR tools

June 2016

The laboratory of Microbiology has finally moved into the HELIX building on campus. A great place for interdisciplinary interactions between the chair groups.

June 2016

Started working for Bionanoscience at TU Delft in their new Applied Sciences building. I am really looking forward to this. Anna Haagma joined as a technician to help setup the lab. Welcome!

May 2016

The annual CRISPR meeting in Tel Aviv (Israel) was a great success. Thanks to the organizers Rotem Sorek, Udi Qimron, Uri Gophna and Mike Terns for hosting a great event.

April 2016

After 15 great years at Microbiology, I will be moving from Wageningen University to Delft University of Technology after summer where we will join the department of Bionanoscience. Thanks John, Willem and everyone else in Wageningen for the wonderful and the successful time I had.

February 2016

Sebastian Kieper started his PhD. Great to have you.

November 2015

Patrick de Jonge, a PhD student from Dr Bas Dutilh, and Jochem Vink started their PhD. Welcome gentlemen.

June 2015

Rebecca McKenzie joined from New Zealand to strengthen the team. Good to have you here.

October 2014

Franklin Nobrega joined from University of Minho, Portugal. Bem-vindo Franklin!