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Microbe - Bacteriophage interactions

CRISPR-Cas is well known for its revolutionary applications in genome editing and diagnostics, but in microbes it is a fascinating adaptive immune system and an advanced weapon that microbes deploy in the war with viruses. This ingenious immune system has a memory and works by encoding small RNA molecules that target the destruction of virus DNA.  


May 2018

Kurzgezagt makes an episode on phages!

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage.

April 2018

Profielwerkstuk students from three different schools visited our lab to work with bacteriophages.

April 2018

Single molecule FRET studies at their best: Luuk's paper on DNA reeling by Cas3 published. 

March 2018

The Cas4 piece of the CRISPR puzzle has now been connected. Great work from Sebastian, Cristobal and other team members. Great collaboration with the Hess group, Wolfgang and Juliane, thanks!

Our paper and one from the Sashital group came out together.

February 2018

With over 100 attendees the symposium on Clinical use of Bacteriophage Therapy was a great success. Thank you Laurent Debarbieux, Rob Lavigne, Martha Clokie, Mzia Kutateladze, Wilbert Sybesma, Jean-Paul Pirnay, and organisers Marc Bonten en Pieter-Jan Haas for making this possible.

February 2018

A warm welcome to Teunke and Rita who have joined our group.

December 2017

Marnix publishes his paper about the effect of Bacteriophage DNA glucosylation on CRISPR interference in Nucleic Acids Research. Well done!

December 2017

Foreigners and snow: a golden combination!

November 2017

Our TU Delft team won the grand prize and 8 individual prizes in the overgraduate section of the iGEM Jamboree in Boston. WOW I'm so proud! Superb job team! Thanks supervisors for making this possible. Read about their project and watch the award ceremony here.

October 2017

Big promo for Phage therapy in the Netherlands on ' Dokters van Morgen' by AVROTROS. A new website has been launched to promote phage therapy for patients in the Netherlands.

October 2017

Luuk Loeff defended his PhD thesis and got a Cum laude. Committee members: Lucas van Vliet (Dean), Marileen Dogterom, Blake Wiedenheft, Euijeon Woo, Johannes Hohlbein, Cees Dekker (Promotor), Chirlmin Joo (Co-promotor).

October 2017

Tim got his PhD degree from Wageningen University. Congratulations on this superb job! Glad you were my PhD student.

Committee members: Joyce Lebbink, Blake Wiedenheft, Dolf Weijers, Chirlmin Joo, John van der Oost (promotor), paranimfs Marnix Vlot and Benoit Carreres.

August 2017

Franklin gets a VENI grant from NWO!

Phage killing bacteria
Phage killing bacteria

May 2017

This timelapse over 5 hours shows how antibiotic resistant E. coli bacteria are killed by phage. Perhaps one day the full potential of bacteriophages will be exploited for the treatment of infectious diseases in the Netherlands.

April 2017

Our review on how CRISPR systems generate memories of their invading viruses was published in Science. This was a great collaboration with the Fineran lab in New Zealand.

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