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June 2019

Sebastian and Cristobal publish a paper on conserved sequence motifs in type I-D CRISPR systems. Nice job and thank you reviewer 3 for taking this part out of an earlier story!

April 2019

Brounslab goes karting.

April 2019

Cristobal publishes his Cas4-Cas fusion protein paper! Selecting a functional PAM by naive spacer acquisition was never found to be so efficient! Nice work!

February 2019

NWO awards a VICI grant to our group and completes the trilogy.

February 2019

Becca, Tobal and Jochem publish their supersensitive method to detect CRISPR spacer acquisition. Great stuff!

February 2019

Fagenbank website online.

FLTR: Cindy de Visser, Franklin Nobrega, Evelyne Esveld, Stan Brouns, Rita Costa, Boris Estrada. Not present: Teunke van Rossum
FLTR: Cindy de Visser, Franklin Nobrega, Evelyne Esveld, Stan Brouns, Rita Costa, Boris Estrada. Not present: Teunke van Rossum

December 2018

We received a cheque from TU Delft University fund and alumni to setup a phage bank in the Netherlands. We aim to collaborate nationally and internationally to introduce phage therapy as a way to treat infections with antibiotic resistant bacteria.

November 2018

We hosted the Microbiology society for the annual Fall meeting. Thank you speakers, especially Rotem Sorek and David Bikard for contributing to the program.

November 2018

iGEM team TU Delft develops method to detect gene doping in sports and wins two innovation awards at the giant Jamboree in Boston. Fantastic job!

September 2018

Patrick publishes his review on phage host range in Trends in Microbiology. Great to have a review out with Bas Dutilh. Nice work!

August 2018

Marnix defends his thesis with success. Well done, thanks for your hard work! Thank you committee members Gorben Pijlman, Joyce Lebbink, Michiel Kleerebezem and Richard van Kranenburg.

August 2018

Franklin's massive review is out in Nature Reviews Microbiology. What an effort. What an overview. Beautiful figures too from Marnix. Great team of authors. Nice!

August 2018

Tim's paper describing how C- and G- mismatches of target DNA with CRISPR RNA can have such a different outcomes. Nice contribution from Ryan Jackson too!

@Phages, better mutate to G! 

June 2018

TU Delft alumni interested in our work on bacteriophages.

May 2018

Kurzgezagt makes an episode on phages!

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage.

April 2018

Single molecule FRET studies at their best: Luuk's paper on DNA reeling by Cas3 published. 

March 2018

The Cas4 piece of the CRISPR puzzle has now been connected. Great work from Sebastian, Cristobal and other team members. Great collaboration with the Hess group, Wolfgang and Juliane, thanks!

Our paper and one from the Sashital group came out together.

February 2018

With over 100 attendees the symposium on Clinical use of Bacteriophage Therapy was a great success. Thank you Laurent Debarbieux, Rob Lavigne, Martha Clokie, Mzia Kutateladze, Wilbert Sybesma, Jean-Paul Pirnay, and organisers Marc Bonten en Pieter-Jan Haas for making this possible.

December 2017

Foreigners and snow: a golden combination!

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