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October 2021

Becca defending her PhD with class! What a nice day to conclude your awesome journey in the Netherlands. All the best in New Zealand. We will miss you.

October 2021

Beautiful review by Julia and Rita on bacteriophage defense systems and their (unknown) clinical relevance. Thanks Pieter-Jan Haas MD (UMCU) for joining this effort.

October 2021

Together with the Ailong Ke lab at Cornell we publish a Cas4 paper in Nature, describing how this protein achieves PAM selection during CRISPR adaptation. What a result. Thanks Chunyi & Ailong, Cristobal, Rita, Jochem, Anna et al.

October 2021

Jochem becomes a bioinformatician during COVID with this paper: lessons for CRISPR spacer matching in metagenomic databases. 32% of the spacers match the database, 200 identified PAMs, PAM predictions from repeat nucleotides, evidence for spacer sharing.

September 2021

Jochem defending his PhD thesis as 'the master' of Microbiology and Biophysics. What a great achievement! All the best in New Zealand.

August 2021

Sam publishes the gRAMP paper in Science. Getting Caspase involved in CRISPR gives Craspase. What an awesome result and team effort.

August 2021

The amazing Rita and Boris publish four new phages we uncovered from wastewater, including a Jumbo phage. That one belong to a new genus named VanLeeuwenhoek viridae. How cool to uncover natural diversity.

August 2021

Kayaking in Delft's 'backcountry'

July 2021

Becca and Emma publish the preprint of the quantitative analysis of CRISPR response in a population of cells. Some cells are fast responders, some incredibly slow. What an effort this has been. Such cool findings.

July 2021

A warm welcome Lucia and Jelger for joining our group. We are looking forward to working with you!

June 2021

Sebastian defends his PhD thesis on CRISPR-Cas4 with great skill. It was wonderful to have you in the group and we wish you all the best in the future Dr. Kieper!

April 2021

Boris, thank you for being in our group and member of Fagenbank for 2.5 years. We wish you all the best with you new job!

February 2021

How simple can it be, give the Dutch some frozen lakes and the country is transformed into an ice skating nation. We had a lot of fun and a break we really needed.

December 2020

Thank you EU ERC for funding our research into bacterial immune systems! Please see vacancies here.

December 2020

The groupmeeting in corona times... hopefully soon to change

November 2020

Franklin publishes his paper on self targeting spacers in CRISPR systems, often considered the Achilles heel of CRISPR. Or is it? This organism survived 162 self targeting spacers against 11 prophages in the genome. Great provacative work, as Science should be.

October 2020

Patrick defends his PhD thesis at Utrecht University. Awesome job Dr de Jonge! Smiling both before and after the defense. All the best with your new position in Amsterdam.

October 2020

Jochem publishes his methods paper describing a novel analytical method to analyze the microscopy data of the movement of proteins inside cells. Amazing job!

October 2020

Big day for CRISPR as Emmanuelle and Jennifer receive the Nobel prize for Chemistry for their breakthrough Cas9 findings. Congratulations!

September 2020

Patrick publishes his high-throughput method called Adsorpseq to link unknown bacteriophages to their hosts. How simple, nice and useful can it be!

February 2020

Sungchul and Luuk sort out how CRISPR memories are acquired and publish in Nature. What a result!


This animation explains the findings beautifully.

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